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Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902)

As films lover, I'm often confined with the wonder of which films made the most significant impact, I believe it is "Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902)" despite it technical wizardry and cosmic fantasy that was profoundly influential on filmmakers later on; It offers a historical window that can be opened to look through our human progression and the role that films making plays in communicating beyond centuries, a timeless evidence that we once existed and we were able to create something so profound out of nothingness..something that captures motion, hopes and human imagination all within 260 meters of captured motion.

The films is made around an astronomers who fly to the moon in capsule, to explore the moon, and to escape from the lunar inhabitants. The moment in which the capsule lands in the Moon's eye is one of the most iconic images in the history of cinema. Eventually they return to Earth with a captive lunar inhabitants.

The importance of that is not the idea of traveling to the moon, it is just people's ability to dream and imagine beyond whats real and possible at the time, it is considered the first science fiction film ever made.

It was time in which the film industry used no tricks to deceive the eye. And it is worth noting that Georges Méliès was an actual stage magician prior to his endeavor in the filming industry; in which he became a pioneer artistically as he implemented magical illusions into his film narratives.

I hold this opinion to the grave, that this film changed the spectrum of film making.

Absurdly violent effects, imaginary voyages and cosmic trips, and most importantly the human possibility to do something that is timeless, that will last beyond our time.


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