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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

It was a soul crossings..

A poetic justice served in an insignificant moment..

A comet as it travels around a central mass..

An 11:11 just like armistice ending World War I came into effect..

A trajectory, an object in motion..

An ecstasy, an experience of mystic self-transcendence..

A large, massive star that has run out of fuel and collapsed in on itself..

It was like witnessing a main sequence stars and volcanic lightning..

A phenomena as fascinating as the elusive Naga Fireballs..

A love at first sight..

A reason to develop an interest in the romantic movement..

A justification to read Rabbie Burns.. as your wide eyes are the only light I know from the extinguished constellations..

A reason to live again.. to write again..

A buoyant force beyond us..

It was a dream of a soul ties beyond human ability to comprehend..

A heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment..

A cause to defend..

A logical basis to believe in the importance of art..

A prosaic world transmuted into imperishable poetry..

An endless longing to the unpromised sight..

An exquisite perfection of his metre and the subtle alliance of his thought and expression..

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

It can’t be real

Its not real

Its not real

Its not real

I must go on

I can't go on

I will go on

I will go on

I will go on

It was nothing but a dream within a dream

Reality is stronger, and you are not brave

and fate is harsh, and you are defeated

and love is a war, and you have surrendered without a fight

I crossed an ocean for you and you walked a mile

I give it all i could while I was a half of person

but the sun reminded me who I was

and that life is wider than the depth of your eyes

and some moments are nicer than the softness of your hair..

and some melodies will allow me to forget about your voice..

and the songs will stop being about you..

and I'll rename the stars and they shall be mine, and mine alone

and I shall be loved and love again and again and again and again

until the love of someone else drowns your stars..

and reconquer my heart forever..

and my poetry..

and my art..

and my stars..

and he shall laugh at my jokes..

and he shall worship my passion..

and he shall love my eyes and their long lashes..

and he shall endure my depth with understanding..

accept my pain with grace..

and love me as me, fully..

and read for me

and sing for me

and they shall be brave

and they shall fight for what they desire

and desire what they truly love

and they shall be mine

and they shall choose me

in every life

they will choose me

That or nothing.

Nothing at all.


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