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Sun dose rise again and again with or with you.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

We all have to experience the loss of people.

And just the mere thought that every time could be your last time; to share a laugh a glance and a glance back; a last chance of saying how you feel and how you appreciate their existence and how their existence influenced yours. How every second may lead to a final another. We live by assuming we have more of today and tons of tomorrow, because it will give us the false sensation of comfort and space to not experience vulnerability.

But here we are out of the blue, visited by the unwelcome guest as we eat just before the dessert and it will sit right next to you quietly, gently and you will be overwhelmed by the presence choke, and the guest in utter indifference holds the hand of your companion and walk out the door and leaves it wide-open.

You shaken by the sudden departure will pause at the table with a deathly sensation of sudden void and emptiness. After a while, you will get up and walk to the door and unexpectedly you find the world is moving at its regular pace and sun is still in the sky, the sky is as wide as you picture it.

Thinking it was over, but life witness millions of deaths and the world kept going but you would think to how I feel I should've stopped to the loss I've just experienced the world should've stopped; blinded by the pain and anger you look away and dim the lights and sit quietly and lock the door in the comfort of your pain accepting the defeat. the world is indifferent to your suffering.

Someday as you sit in your shredded existence moaning the loss still, that day unplanned for you will stand tall and open the door and welcome the guest and sit and eat your final meal and smile ready to walk out the door hand in hand, as you go you walk one last time through that aisle of life were the pictures that she took as you experienced life..that one pause of time when you looked happy, young and life seemed like a long-lasting dream where the tomorrows held a better today's.

Your eyes hold the tears tightly as you slowly continue to walk and you walk weighted of all the pain and the suffering but all you can think of is joy, lightness, and the heartbreaking bitterness of all the things you never did.

You take a fast glance at that one picture in that day when everything changed your heartaches and you feel it one last burn, one last sign of your aliveness. The door is open you step one foot at a time blinded by the light and a sense of lightness you feel total nothingness and quit.

Your home is empty, your land is missing the pulse of your feet, the frames with the untold stories longing for the context..

but the sun does rise again and again with or with you.


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