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The masses of the unknown

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

After a long day at work, I thought to myself whether if I change something right now at this very moment will this movement change the course of the another and therefore my life? I do that one little thing would everything else afterward change? if life really ridiculously a game of choice and alternatives?

Living in the moment is difficult when your brain experience life at maximum fluidity, I lack structure and so does life, just to comprehend the changes that had to aligned to cause our entire existence is impossible but the possibility is never the limit; at it core everything is achieve-able in life you just have to get the unknown and luck aligned.

I was born on the very first of August, the weather was so hot that day; like the sun knew I existed that day. My parents selected a name for me but at the last, moment changed it to match a random baby who was born on the same day that inspired my name.

Who raised me? where do I live? what school did I go to? how were my childhood experiences? how a single information a geographical one will define and determine all your future chances; all the unknown dictated all my being and who I am.

So what chance do I play in the midst of what is defined and what is to be explored, how what happened shapes what will occur and influence it becoming. I want to be present here and now, but I feel lost in between; I fail to connect to the known and I fail to unravel the unknown and I stand here in the darkest of being making sense of half images and flawed conclusions.

Its all written or written not,

I walk as if I determined the path, did I really?


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