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You're forgiven

This is when you need a reassurance, a gentle push on the back.

You're forgiven for changing your mind, for thinking differently after absorbing a thought.. for rethinking a promise to prioritize how it influence you.

You're forgiven for needing space, avoiding unnecessary social interactions that doesn’t engage you and stimulate you intellectually; for closing mid talk to recharge and reflect.

You're forgiven for taking the time to do the things that matters to you, for missing some time with your loved ones, for missing events to meditate and focus on your mental health.

You're forgiven for not participating in talks and remaining quiet simple because you choose too, for choosing to listen sometimes rather than sharing.

You're forgiven for feeling out of character, experiencing weakness and dwelling on helplessness.

You're forgiven for losing your north star, for losing the sparks of your soul for grieving quietly within your heart.

You're forgiven for your inability to control some negative emotions, for being consumed by stress somedays; for losing a fractions of time looping in your own thoughts.

You're forgiven for seeking more, pushing to the limits and expecting more from yourself and others.

You're forgiven for being a work on progress, for showing vulnerability and for experiencing feeling less-than.

I shall forgive and forgo all the shame, guilt, and wight of past emotions.

I shall forgive and forgo

I shall forgive and forgo

I shall learn and let go

I shall learn and let go


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